This was a simple experiment to built a 1 watt amplifier and speakers in order to gain some experience to ultimately build my amplifier version 2.0 (which, due to cost will take a while to finish). I mostly used parts I had on hand.


The speakers are cheap 8 Ohm speakers that are found everywhere. These came from old computer cases. For the enclosure I used cardboard boxes that held passives I ordered from Jameco. I cut a circular hole in the bottom of the box and hotglued the speaker to the box. The flap is on the back and allows access to the inside. These sound like crap but the enclosure does provide some resonence that makes it louder.


This is a simple 1 watt (my calculation) amp that uses the LM386. For stereo you simply duplicate the circuit for each channel. After alot of work I fit two channels in the case but but but realized too late that by mirroring the layout the pins on the LM386 change. I tried to hack it to work but ended up pulling everything for the second channel so now it's only mono.

The circuit I used is from

Part list (for mono)

Part Description Digikey # Quant
Unit Price
  1nF capacitor BC1013CT-ND 1
  1μF capacitor ECA-1HM010 1
  10μF capacitor P807-ND 3
  100μF capacitor P970-ND 1
  10kΩ potentiometer P3M3103-ND 1
  10Ω resister 10H-ND 1
  LM386 opamp LM386N-3-ND 1
  8Ω speaker GF0573-ND 1
  power jack CP-5-ND 1
  stereo audio jack CP-2505-ND 2
  switch SW116-ND 1
  Enclosure HM113-ND 1